West Virginia State Historic Preservation Office
Interactive Map Viewer


All information contained in the WV SHPO Interactive Map Viewer represents only the information that has been formally recorded. Resource boundaries may not reflect the actual property boundaries. Boundary information is for visual purposes only, and are not to be used for legal purposes. The absence of data in a given area does not guarantee that resources are not present or have not been recorded. We receive new data on a daily basis. As such, periodic updates do occur. By using the Interactive Map Viewer, you agree to accept the data “as is” and accept that it may not meet all needs and expectations. While we try to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information, this is a large dataset and may contain errors or defects. For more in-depth research projects, such as Data Recovery report preparation, National Register Assessments, or large multi-county projects, a records search at our Charleston office may be necessary.


The WV SHPO shall not be liable for any loss, consequential harm to resources, claims or expenses that may arise in connection with any authorized or unauthorized use of the data obtained from the WV SHPO Interactive Map Viewer.