Flood Risk Decision Tool

  • This tool enables the public to make informed decisions about the degree of flood risk for a specific area or property.
  • This is NOT the official instrument of a final hazard determination. Remember: if in doubt, it's not out!

Best Available Flood and Reference Data

  • Includes the best available flood mapping data from FEMA and other approved sources
  • Incorporates the best available basemaps/background and reference layers (aerial photos, roads, 10-ft. contours, addresses, stream names,etc.) from commercial and local data sources

Tool Functions, Visualization, and Performance

  • Includes three customized map views (Public, Expert, and Risk MAP) for general and advanced users for determining flood hazards and mitigating flood risks
  • Provides multiple ways to zoom to geographic locations, including by street address, coordinates, place names, and navigation controls
  • Permits users to view high-resolution aerial photography at a zoomed-in map scale of 1:282
  • Displays the approximate elevation of the ground at any location with a vertical accuracy of +/- 10 feet
  • Links specific areas of the map to local floodplain manager contacts or FEMA’s online map service center to view official flood maps
  • Allows users to publish or exchange links of flood maps
  • Displays and queries HAZUS 100-year flood event information to assist in mitigating flood risks
  • Employs the most up-to-date ArcGIS Server technology to improve performance and visual appearance of map features